Look into Your Heart and You’ll Find Love

Last night at Scott and Sarah’s party I unveiled “Community,” a painting commissioned by Alan. The painting was meant to represent the support and hope found in the Moho community. So often Latter-day Saints focus on all the angst and conflict of being gay and Mormon. Alan asked me to create an image that would depict the positive qualities of the gay Mormon community. I decided the most positive aspect of the gay Mormon community was the sense of community itself. Regardless of what individual gay Mormons choose to do or believe, there is a shared experience that unites them all. It binds them together and gives them support.

I remember a candlelight vigil that I attended during the horribly divisive campaign for prop 8. The vigil was meant to show support to the gay population in Utah and to acknowledge the pain the election had caused. It was one of the most spiritual experiences I have ever had. It was powerful to feel the love and hope of so many people, united by the light of their candles which shone in their cheerful and peaceful faces. I hope that image will speak to this community, and to all communities, of the strength and hope that comes in being together.

Community, by Daniel Embree

I will be selling reproductions of the painting. Please Contact me at daniel@dembree.com if you are interested in purchasing a reproduction of “Community.”

High Quality Giclée Canvas Print (22.5″ x 30): $200 (standard) $170 (prepaid) $300 (framed)

High Quality Giclée Paper Print (22.5″ x 30″): $150 (standard) $250 (framed)

Poster (18″ x 24″): $30 (standard) $50 (mounted)


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