My Life Reads Like the Classifieds

Have you noticed the ads on facebook? Do you think they are target ads?

I have noticed that lately I’ve been having tons of gay ads on facebook. Different networks, Utah social scenes, websites, etc. I assumed that they were just the kinds of ads that everyone gets, but now I realize that it is probably target advertising. There are really only two other ads that I get: Art ads and Mormon ads. I am clearly an art student, and I am clearly a BYU student, so those ads make sense. I am not clearly gay, however, on facebook. In fact, I hide it on facebook. So how do they know they should put the ads up? Is it because I am silent on my romantic information? Is is because I have Will and Grace as a favorite TV show? Is it because I quote Hilary Faye in my quote section? What gives it away?

I’m just curious, do any of you have gay ads on facebook? Why?


15 thoughts on “My Life Reads Like the Classifieds

  1. I think it must be the Will and Grace thing. I am also ambiguous about my orientation on facebook, but I definitely get more ads to meet “Hot Chicks in your area” than for hot men.

  2. I do, but I belong to a few gay/gay advocacy groups, so I assume that’s why. Oh, and I’m listed as interested in men. However, I just noticed recently that I had the gay ads – they weren’t there before, and I’ve not changed my profile in a while.

  3. I’ve actually seen a few. I mainly see computer science ones… which is my major.I don’t really know why… I think it is because I have quotes from the Office, and sometimes they have the word “gay” in them.

  4. Scratch that, now getting queer ads. The one i get has a really cute guy in it. I am guessing it is because i dont have my sexuality declared. Because i have no openly gay friends on fb and dont have any gay shows.

  5. At first I didn’t declare any sexuality on my facebook and as soon as I got my first gay ad I freaked and changed it to say I was straight and they went away. I think the target ads know us too well. Instead of lie, we just don’t mention sexuality at all, but why would a perfectly straight guy not mention that he’s straight? He must be GAY!

  6. I don’t get a lot of gay ads on facebook, but I think that’s because I don’t ad any applications. I fee like the combination of all these applications gives for a lot of ads and of course if you add a more gay friendly ad then that might be the case, but I don’t know.

  7. My Facebook status said that I was interested in women since I joined, and I got almost 100% gay ads over the past few months. I don’t know what was causing them, but strangely when I changed my profile to leave who I am interested in as blank, the gay ads all but disappeared? Go figure. I still cannot figure out how Facebook knows that I am gay, though I think it is partly based off who you are friends with. The more moho friends I had, the more gay ads I seemed to get. I won’t lie though, some of the ads do make me smile.

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