Make the Yuletide Gay

In case there was any question, I am gay. This proves it: I like wrapping presents. So much so that I spend a lot of time doing it. So much so that even if the only supplies I have are newspapers and tape, I can still create this:

I told you, I’m gay.


8 thoughts on “Make the Yuletide Gay

  1. Yeah, I think they must have run out of the gift wrapping talent while I was standing in the gay line in the preexistence.Don’t suppose you want to fly to Texas to wrap all my presents???No, I didn’t think so

  2. Hmmmm the packaging would suggest delicious hamness, but it didn’t. I would know since the middle one was mine. thanks for the gift, I’m still laughing about it.I hope you’re still… speechless in regards to your gift 🙂

  3. The lack of delicious ham in the delicious ham package saddens me. Maybe you’re planning on making some hot ham water to go along with it? Maybe not.I think I could be good at wrapping presents if I put my mind to it, but I don’t enjoy it all that much. We haven’t bothered wrapping any of our presents. 😛

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