Getting to Know You

I have apparently met enough mohos now to run into them on campus daily. I’m not sure what that means, but I feel like it ought to mean something. The other day I walked onto the bus and was one of three mohos on the bus- which at one point was a majority. The original novelty and excitement of realizing that there are other Latter-day Saints who are attracted to the same gender is starting to wear off.

Does this mean I am exiting gay adolescence? Absolutely not. I still act like a thirteen year old girl.


6 thoughts on “Getting to Know You

  1. oh man- did you change your url? somehow i missed a whole week of your posts- i feel so behind! i’m so sorry your experience with your parents has been so difficult. hopefully they’ll come around… it’s so paiful when the ones you love the most put up their defenses. and as far as feeling weak- yeah, it’s kind of scary. you know that scripture that says something about your weaknesses being your strengths? -well i’m not sure i understand it sometimes.

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