Elusive Happiness

I discovered some very terrible things today, and I went into trauma mode. Romulus and Remus rescued me, and now I feel a teensy bit better. They had me laughing, at least, and that felt good.

One thing they mentioned was that my blog sounds a whole lot happier and more optimistic than I seem in person. I told them it was because I was trying to convince everyone of the Mo in moho. In any event, here’s to honesty:

I’m beginning to wonder if there is such thing as goodness and happiness, or if they are just vain hopes that we dream up to make up to get us to our graves.


2 thoughts on “Elusive Happiness

  1. I’m glad that you’re feeling better. It’s nice to realize that all of our lives aren’t perfect (as twisted as that may sound), but that we all have each other to rely on to make this life somehow bearable. Sometimes, I feel like quitting life altogether, but there is always something more to live for.

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